National Law University Jodhpur
Hon'ble Vice Chancellor's Message

Prof.(Dr.) Harpreet Kaur

Vice Chancellor

Legal education presently is no longer restricted to the four walls of the classroom but has transcended beyond these traditional boundaries. It involves an interdisciplinary approach, at Law School and it’s multiple utilities provide a wide range of options making it a coveted professional career choice. From entering the judiciary or assisting it in dispensing away justice through active litigation to drafting of contracts for the business houses/ corporate world, trade law, IPR issues to entering the private and sensitive zone for resolution of family disputes; to fighting for social causes by way of PILs or for aiming at correction of inequalities perpetrated at vulnerable section of societies or entering pure academic pursuits for advanced legal education, the opportunities are diverse but immense. It is one profession that enables a person to cater to the welfare of humanity directly or indirectly cutting across socio-economic and even political considerations. Legal empowerment is also an effective tool for social and gender empowerment in multifarious ways such as disseminating information and creation of awareness of the legal rights and providing an effective mechanism to realize them.
The endeavor at National Law University, Jodhpur is to provide excellence in legal education without compromising on the overall development of budding and dynamic students. With its extremely accomplished faculty imparting quality teaching, students are provided extensive opportunities to participate in moot courts and exposure at regular intervals to exchange of ideas on existing and emerging issues by legal scholars from India and abroad to enable them to realize their specific goals and secure an imperative direction. NLUJ expects the students to maintain discipline, a healthy and pleasant atmosphere both in house and out of campus by their conduct and involve themselves actively in not only in gathering legal knowledge and excellence in academic pursuits but also in displaying extensive participation in extracurricular activities.