National Law University Jodhpur
Events & NH-65

Cultural Commitee Events

At the National Law University, Jodhpur, the Cultural Committee organizes vibrant celebrations for Independence Day. The festivities include hoisting the tricolour, a cultural celebration at the auditorium, and subsequently flying colorful kites atop the terrace of the mess, creating a picturesque scene against the azure sky.



Cultural committee organizes Holika Dahan, where people gather around a bonfire to perform a pooja and throw symbolic items into the fire, such as grains and popcorn. This signifies the victory of good over evil. It is also a time for singing, dancing, and feasting together.

During Dandiya Night at the National Law University, Jodhpur, the Cultural Committee transforms the mess arc into a vibrant spectacle, adorned with colorful decorations evoking the festive spirit. Students gather with dandiyas in hand, ready to participate in the lively traditional dance. The air is filled with the rhythmic beats of garba music, inspiring everyone to join in the jubilant celebration. Dandiya Night serves as a joyous occasion for the students to celebrate Navratri away from home.



For Entertainment Night, Cultural Committee sets up a stage for anyone interested to showcase their talent. Participants can perform various acts, such as dancing, singing, stand-up comedy, and more, with or without a teammate. It gives everyone an opportunity to showcase their skills and entertain the audience.



The Cultural Committee organises Lohri to symbolise the ending of the winter season. To celebrate this, we organise a bonfire where faculty and students gather and perform Lohri rituals. It is an evening of dance, music and laughter.


Hues is organized by the Cultural Committee is an exhilarating celebration of talent and diversity. It is a cultural week with various events panned out across 7 days with a theme for each day. The events include a battle of intellects in the Pop Quiz Bonanza, followed by an adventurous Scavenger Hunt fostering teamwork. Dance takes center stage, showcasing solo and group performances, while Vocal Harmony captivates with solo and duet singing. Each day carries a distinct theme, and students are encouraged to embrace themed attire, transforming the campus into a vibrant tapestry of creativity.


Cultural Committee organises Freshers as a part of a binding process between seniors and the incoming first years. We organise a gathering in front of the convention center organise a night of dancing.





The cultural committee organizes captivating Movie Night. The last edition featured "Chhichhore". Carrying forward the spirit of our sports fest coupled with the nostalgia of college friendships, the event fostered a sense of companionship amongst the students. The starlit sky along with the laughter, which echoed through the air, made the cinematic experience truly unforgettable.






The NH 65 organizes a plethora of cultural events including theme dance, duet dance, besura, western duet, western solo, extempore solo, instrumental, battle of bands, Raaga Indian Classical Solo & Duet, Abhimanch Street Play. The academic and literary events include a wide array of competitions like client counselling, parliamentary debate, block and tackle, Pictionary, Bulls & Bears, Shipwreck, Extempore Moot, Quiz, Theme Photography, Stress Interview, and many more. The event also organizes enthralling and scintillating performances by famous music artists and music bands.