National Law University Jodhpur
Objectives and Vision

"It is called a rough stone, the diamond
which was raised up from the bosom of the earth.
Clear in its form, cloudy in its view. Hidden is its character.
Discover the diamond within you".
They are inside every human being and are often difficult to discover -
the diamonds which are only waiting to be discovered and "cut".

Learning at the University commences with the vision of imparting "the rich heritage of legal thought and tradition, simultaneously providing a breadth and depth of instruction". The socially conscious founding fathers decided to develop a strong knowledge base to further the cause of humanity, multicultural understanding, tolerance and justice so that all nations can grow in the environment of mutual cooperation and peaceful co-existence. Our motto "Knowledge is Empowerment" connotes the institutions search for excellence and goal achievement.

OBJECTIVE: To impart the rich heritage of legal thought and tradition, simultaneously providing breadth and depth of instruction.

MISSION: To become a premier law institution, breeding students focusing on research and community work besides fulfilling their respective ambitions.

VISION: To achieve the pinnacle of perfection in legal education. Provide academic and conducive ethos to help students and faculty strive for and attain perfection.

At National Law University Jodhpur, we strive:

  • To advance and disseminate knowledge of law and research with a view to ensure its proper role in national development.
  • To develop in students and research scholars a sense of responsibility to serve the society by developing skills in advocacy, judicial and other legal services.
  • To prepare lawyers of tomorrow for handling legal issues not only restricted to the national boundaries but also cutting across complex cross-border transactions, by developing legal skills in core areas such as Business Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Laws, and Trade Laws.
  • To organize lectures, seminars, symposia and conferences for dissemination of legal knowledge and to make law and legal process efficient instruments of social development.
  • To impart training and conduct refresher courses for law teachers, judicial officers, advocates and other persons engaged or interested in legal field.
  • To increase legal awareness in the community and further the cause of social justice by providing legal aid to the underprivileged sections of the society.