National Law University Jodhpur

Sports Events
Polemos: Sports Committee conducts "Polemos" a month long inter-batch sporting event where the batches battle it out for the best sporting batch Cup.The event includes various games such as football, basketball, tennis,badminton,cricket, volleyball etc.
In the even semester every year, the Committee holds an intra-college week-long of sporting events, called Agon, where a miniature version of every sport is played. It is the ultimate personification of the sporting spirit where all those who know, who don’t know the sport come together to win those medals.
NLU Super League or NSL:
NSL cricket league is a miniature version of IPL It begins with an auction in the mess lawns to end with the owners of winning team taking away the prize money.
Lex La Liga:
Sports Committee also conduct NLU football league every year wherein competing teams plays out football matches for the prestigious trophy



Yuvardha, the flagship sports fest organized by National Law University Jodhpur, stands tall as the premier sports extravaganza in the NLU Circle.The University has hosted seven editions of this fest with the last one being Yuvardha VII which was hosted in October 2023.It features a diverse range of sports, including cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, and a variety of athletic events. The participation of students from various law colleges spread all over the country reflect the growing enthusiasm for sports within the academic community. The variety of sports provides an opportunity to the participants to display their remarkable skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. The sporting events are categorized into formal and informal events. The formal event comprises of a wide array of sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, tennis, badminton, table tennis, chess, carrom, pool, marathon, as well as various track and field events in athletics. In the informal event, activities like FIFA, CODM, Arm Wrestling, Tug of War, and Three Points are conducted. Further, as the college is deeply committed to student safety, a dedicated committee is established to ensure safety and maintain discipline throughout the fest, along with a POSH committee. The winners are being awarded with medals, certificates and trophies for their achievements across various events.