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1st NLUJ Hours of Crisis Simulation Exercise (4 October, 2023)


The Centre for Policy and Research in International Law firmly believes that the arena of International Law can be better understood through pragmatic undertaking which actively engage the students in understanding the nuances of International Law. The event was a simulation of the United Nations Security Council [“UNSC”] dealing of matters concerning maintenance of international peace and security.

This event gave an opportunity to participants to think and act in accordance with the principles of International Law as well as the directives of a State’s foreign policy when faced with a time-sensitive crisis. This competition provided a forum for students to build not only a sound legal reasoning in International Law but also honed them hone their oratory skills, diplomatic skills, persuasion skills as well as a drafting acumen.


The aims and objectives of organising the ‘Hour of Crisis Simulation Exercise’ were as follows- 

  1.    Participants were required to deal with legal issues by providing an opinion, advising a client, drafting documents, and negotiating or elaborating diplomatic strategies. 
  3.    This competition challenged the students’ knowledge of public international law and a variety of skills, such as collaborating in a team, drafting, negotiating, and working under pressure. 
  5.    Participants were expected to organize their teams to effectively deal with numerous requests, establish priorities, and make use of their abilities in a limited time frame with a view to addressing all challenges put before them 

The competition was modelled as per the “Day of Crisis Competition” which was created by Professor Jean-Mare Thouvenin and is annually organised by the Hague Academy of International Law, Netherlands. This event departed from the said competition in terms of the time allotted for the crisis. The teams represented their allotted states at the United Nations Security Council. Over the course of 60 mins (1 hour), several teams of students representing governments and faced a series of major international crisis. Participants were then required to deal with the variety of legal issues created due to the crisis by providing a legal opinion, advising their client (which shall be the Head of the State), drafting the said legal advice. The Participants were tasked to work under pressure, establish priorities, negotiate with other stakeholders and accurately access legal questions under a specified time limit.

  •   Composition - Each team  comprised of three (3) members; of which one (1) was the Head of the State and two (2) represented the delegation of the State and assisted the Head of the State by formulating legal advice. 

Winners- Representatives of Russia (Ailis Anand. Aditi Ramanathan, and Suhana Gandhi)

Runner Ups- Representatives of Uganda (Vaibhav Pratap Singh, Thejas Velega, and Azhar Ahmed). 

The top two teams were provided the opportunity to order books on of their own choice. 

Organised under the Guidance of 

Ms. Varsha Singh
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law
Executive Director
Centre for Policy and Research in International Law
National Law University Jodhpur

Published on :: 31 Oct, 2023

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