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The Journal on Corporate Law & Governance [“the Journal”] is a research hub under the rubrics of National Law University, Jodhpur, dedicated to research and development of governance standards for the corporate world. To promote holistic research on areas covered within the broad ambit of corporate law, the Journal came out with an annual publication in 2008. The Journal is evidence of invincible research, thought-provoking ideas, and significant academic and intellectual standards. It offers a forum for critical research on the interplay of contemporary corporate law issues, both from an academic and industry perspective. The Journal is peer-reviewed with ISSN serial publication No. 0976- 0369 and indexed on SCC Online and Manupatra.
We are delighted to announce that Journal is organizing 1st NLUJ-Khaitan & Co Corporate Law Review Summit, 2023 in collaboration with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) and SCC Online-EBC which will be in the form of a paper presentation and panel discussion. The event shall be conducted on 14th and 15th October 2023.
Panel Discussion - 14 October 2023
An event of particular significance during the summit will be a compelling Panel Discussion, featuring some of the most prominent and respected figures. This promises to be an enlightening and thought-provoking conversation that you won't want to miss.
You have the exclusive opportunity to join this panel discussion online by completing your registration. This is a chance to gain valuable insights and perspectives from these esteemed legal experts, making it an experience that promises to be both enriching and intellectually stimulating.
The fee for registration is Rs. 150 per individual, and it can be paid by completing the provided Google form.
Every participant in the panel discussion will receive a certificate of participation.

Themes for Panel Discussion: 

  1. Regulation of FinTech Lending Platforms: Balancing Innovation and Protection.
  2. Extending Pre-packaged insolvency resolution process beyond MSMEs

Paper Presentation - 15 October 2023
Themes and Sub-themes for paper presentation
The indicative topics or areas that may be covered are : 

  • Corporate Governance 
  • Banking & Finance 
  • Insolvency Law Investment Law and Foreign Investment 
  • Securities Law 
  • Capital Markets 
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Reverse Mergers 
  • Project Finance 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Cross Border Mergers 
  • Digital Lending 
  • ESG 
  • Fintech Law

The indicative sub-themes for the paper presentation are as follows:

  • Strengthening corporate governance in Financial Institutions*: Embracing the ‘G’ in ESG for Effective Corporate Governance.

*Banks / NBFCs

  • Unveiling the Financial Creditor's Role and Impact on Corporate Governance and Investor Stewardship.
  • Leveraging the FinTechs and BigTechs for digital transformation in financial services: Regulatory Framework and Approach.
  • Uncovering the Opportunities and Challenges of strengthening Corporate Governance for a greener financial sector.
  • Safeguarding the Skies: Exploring the Imperative for Tailored Legislation on Aviation Industry Insolvency.
  • The Legality of Disenfranchising Majority Shareholders: A Multidimensional Examination of Corporate Law and Constitutional Principles.
  • Unpacking the Presumption of Guilt Regime in India's Securities Law.
  • Balancing the Scales: Freezeout Mergers and Burden of Proof in Indian Corporate Law.
  • Implications of SEBI's Recent Consultation Paper on Unpublished Price Sensitive Information (UPSI): Assessing its Effectiveness and Challenges.
  • Raising the Bar for Statutory Auditors: Implications on Corporate Governance and Accountability in Financial Reporting.

Please note that the list of sub-themes is merely suggestive and non-exhaustive in nature. 


  • The winner(s) shall receive a cash prize of INR 20,000; internship opportunities with Khaitan & Co and SCC-Online; along with certificate(s) of merit.
  • The first runner(s)-up shall receive a cash prize of INR 15,000; an internship with Khaitan & Co; along with certificate(s) of merit.
  • The second runner(s)-up shall receive a cash prize of INR 10,000 along with certificate(s) of merit.
  • The top six entries will be published in the upcoming volume of the Journal (Vol. VI, Issue 2).
  • The top 10 entries shall receive a certificate of merit from the organizers.
  • All the entries shall receive a certificate of participation.

* Please note that the internal policies of Khaitan & Co and SCC-Online will apply in awarding the internships and they reserve the right to the final decision. 
In case of any queries, JCLG may be reached out at journal.governance@gmail.com and refer the brochure.
Additionally, you may also contact:

  • Ojasav Chitranshi (Editor-in-Chief) +91-83033 80203 ojasav.chitranshi@nlujodhpur.ac.in
  • Deesha Reshmi  (Editor-in-Chief) +91-80502 10893 deesha.reshmi@nlujodhpur.ac.in

Published on :: 07 Oct, 2023

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