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NLU Jodhpur Alumni Reconnect and Celebrate at Yuvardha 7th Edition

The 7th edition of Yuvardha, hosted by National Law University, Jodhpur, witnessed a heartwarming alumni reunion, adding a unique and nostalgic touch to the vibrant sports event.

Key Highlights:

  1. Alumni Homecoming: The Yuvardha 7th Edition provided a platform for NLU Jodhpur alumni to revisit their cherished alma mater. Former students from various batches came together to reminisce about their academic journey and celebrate their enduring connection to the university.

  2. Emotional Reunions: The event was filled with emotional reunions, shared memories, and stories of personal growth. Alumni from different walks of life reunited with their friends and professors, rekindling old friendships and forging new ones.

  3. Hon'ble Vice Chancellor's Presence: The highlight of the alumni meet was the presence of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Harpreet Kaur. Her warmth and enthusiasm in interacting with the alumni left a lasting impression, and her commitment to strengthening the bond between the university and its graduates was evident.

  4. Sharing Insights: Alumni had the opportunity to share their professional experiences and insights with current students, offering valuable guidance and mentorship. This exchange of knowledge and wisdom was a significant aspect of the event.

  5. Inspiring the Next Generation: The alumni shared their success stories, emphasizing how their education at NLU Jodhpur played a pivotal role in shaping their careers. This served as motivation and inspiration for current students, reinforcing the institution's commitment to academic excellence.

The alumni reunion during Yuvardha 7th Edition served as a reminder of the enduring connections formed at NLU Jodhpur and highlighted the institution's commitment to nurturing a strong alumni network. It was a day filled with nostalgia, celebration, and the promise of continued collaboration between the university and its graduates.



Published on :: 01 Oct, 2023

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