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NLUJ is equipped with distinguished Professors of national repute with a good mix of highly qualified and experienced young associates. A number of our Faculty members are alumnus from Universities of California, Oxford, Warwick, Sydney, King's College, London; University College, London; with working experience in foreign Law schools and International Institutions.

The faculty also includes Scholars of Fulbright and other Institutions. In addition NLUJ invites distinguished Professors as visiting faculty for lectures. Under the NLUJ Alumni Visiting Faculty Program, some of our alumni who have acquired higher qualifications from prestigious Institutions and garnered varied experience share their learning on topics of Contemporary interest in law and practice for the benefit of the students.

Vice Chancellor
Professor I.P. Massey (Law)
LL.M. (Lko), LL.M. (Calif. Berkeley), Ph.D.
Dean, Faculty of Law
Prof. (Dr.) I.P. Massey, LL.M. (Lko), LL.M. (Calif. Berkeley), Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Law, is a distinguished Professor of national repute. Formerly, he was the Professor of Law and Dean, Faculty of Law, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. He was also a fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla and member of the H.P. Human Rights Commission. His area of specialization is Administrative Law. He guided research at the post graduate and doctoral level and has published extensively in various law journals. His book on Administrative Law is a very popular authoritative text.

Prof. Shyam Krishan Kaushik (Law)
Assistant Dean (Faculty of Law)
Executive Director, Centre for Legal Theory

Prof.(Dr.) S. K. Kaushik holds Ph.D. from Amity University and an LL.B. and LL.M. from Delhi University. He is the Assistant Dean (Faculty of Law) and also Executive Director of the Centre for Legal Theory at the National Law Uni-versity Jodhpur. He teaches and writes in the field of Jurisprudence, Family Laws, Interpretation of Statutes, Commercial Transactions and Contracts. In particular he writes and speaks on the issues of Sovereignty, Rights, Moral Responsibility, Selfhood etc. His favoured area of research is Vedic Hindu philosophies on which he very often relies to compare and analyse the western jurisprudential ideas. He regularly speaks on these issues at National and International conferences. His published work includes books on Interpretation of Statutes, Sale of Goods and Trusts & Charities. He has been teaching law for eighteen years and his experience includes teaching at Delhi University and the Indian Law Institute.

Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
School of Insurance
Distinguished Professor
Visiting Professor
Alumini Visiting Faculty

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