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Library > Rules of the Library

The  following shall be the rules of the library, to be observed strictly: 

  1. Complete silence is to be maintained.
  3. Talking,discussion or using mobile phones is not allowed.
  5. Eatables and drinks (tea and soft drinks) are not allowed.
  7. Sleeping inside the library is strictly prohibited.
  9. Earphones,headphones and I-pods etc. are not allowed.
  11. Library computer is not for non-academic uses.
  13. Violation of library rules will result in strict disciplinary action.
  15. Mutilation of Books is a serious misconduct and the student found mutilating the books shall personally be liable for replacement, repair or renovation of the books or periodicals and can also be fined by an appropriate  authority.
  17. Any default in return of the books and bare Acts will be subjected to a fine of Rs. 10/- per day. In genuine cases of delay, the Assistant Librarian may reduce/ waive off the fine, on receiving a written request from the student concerned.
  19. Personal books and other belongings are not allowed inside the library, except notebook, laptop or certain papers, with the permission of the librarian.
  21. The Library shall be open daily from 8 am to 10.30 pm except on Sundays and other public Holidays.
  23. Librarian is the final authority to maintain order and discipline in the library. The Librarian can designate a particular act as an act of indiscipline in the library and ask the student concerned to leave the library and/or impose any other  appropriate punishment.
  25. In case of loss of/damage to books, the price of the latest edition of the book will be charged on the user.

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